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May 12 2017


4 Reasons to Install Wood Floors

Homeowners who want easy-maintenance, durable and hygienic floors often install wood products. Despite the huge variety of other affordable options available, classic hardwood flooring is still considered a bargain. It instantly increases home values and can stand up to decades of daily wear and tear. There are a huge variety of easy-maintenance woods available in different price ranges.

Homeowners Can Choose From Dozens of Species

Clients often opt for solid wood floors because they are offered in a wide array of shades and patterns. Flooring is constructed from individual boards that are cut to conform to the rooms where they are installed. Each board retains the unique coloring and marks of the tree it came from. As a result, floors can range from dark warm browns to light, cheerful blonds. Popular choices include hickory, maple, pine and oak. Even within each species shading varies widely. For instance, oak alone can include colors like red oak, gray, taupe, cherry and umber. Suppliers also sell exotic woods such as Australian eucalyptus, Brazilian teak and mahogany.

Allen Baler

Customers Are Offered Solid and Engineered Products

Homeowners may also opt for engineered wood floors instead of solid wood. Engineered products are actually made in layers which may include hardwood or plywood cores. Their surfaces are always genuine hardwood, so they provide the same beauty as solid wood products. However, engineered wood is more resilient, stands up to moisture better and is heat resistant. Many products are also very budget-friendly.

Wood Floors Add Beauty and Value

Wood has also remained a popular choice because it transforms a room as soon as it is installed. Its warm tones add an elegant appearance that never goes out of style. Homeowners can redecorate over and over without having to update floors. Because it is so beautiful, wood also increases home values and often makes properties more attractive to buyers.

It Is Easy to Keep Wood Clean and Beautiful

Many families now choose wood for most of their home floors, even when they have large families and pets. Most products are sealed when they are first installed, which helps protect them against scuffs, scratches and dings. Even if they are gouged or just worn after many years, sanding and refinishing will restore wood. It is easy to keep wood clean with just vacuuming and sweeping. It is also easy to keep floors sanitary because they do not absorb bacteria, trap odors or harbor toxins the way carpeting can.

Homeowners can now choose from dozens of floor materials but those who want the best often opt for wood. Suppliers offer both engineered and solid woods in a huge range of shades, patterns and price ranges. Wood is easy to keep clean, durable and always in style. 

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